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Everything is Design – Design is everything. Everything is Communication – Communication is everything. We show and tell, what accompanies, moves, inspires us inside and outside the agency work.

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On the Otherside

Aarhus Ø.

Walk between buildings

Aarhus Ø.

An unidentified flying object

or only a cloud.

From inside to the outside

Different perspectives

Misty Morning Light on the Waterfront

shapes its own color palette

BDG – Professional Association of German Communication Designers – Assembly in Hamburg

and after that a BDG afterwork event under the title „Tools and routines for less delusion and more sense” in the agency hobby.denkwerk. Thanks for the inspiring workshop and talks.

Between the Green

Planten un Bloomen Hamburg

Steel Construct

Bridges in Hamburg

Meeting point

Subway station Landungsbrücken Hamburg

Waiting for the Mission

Harbour barges – Landungsbrücken Hamburg.

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