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Beverage Peters & Rass, Ad Series, Creative Agency Hamburg


Dance tea was yesterday now Norderney is trembling

For Getränke Peters & Rass we developed an advertising concept with a clear language of form and colour.

The headlines reflect the endearing northern German character in their rough language and are equally emotionally appealing.

Client Getränke Peters & Rass // Industry Retail Trade // Disciplines Ad Series :: Visual Identity :: Print :: Typography :: Text :: Illustration

Advert Print Bring Bring, Beverage Peters & Rass, Graphic Design brandtbrandt Hamburg
Ad Good Morning Norderney, Text, brandtbrandt Creative Agency
Image Advert Red Sun, Design brandtbrandt Advertising Agency Hamburg
Illustration Ad Pack Animals, Illustration brandtbrandt Design Studio
Print Advert Pack Animals, Design Concept brandtbrandt Creative Agency Hamburg
Aftershowparty Ad Peters & Rass, Design brandtbrandt
Beverage Peters & Rass Image Advert Dance Tea, Typography brandtbrandt Design Studio Hamburg
White Peters & Rass Bottle, Graphic Design brandtbrandt
Headline Thirst Quencher Beverage Peters & Rass, Typography brandtbrandt Advertising Agency
Peters & Rass Advert so much Water, Text brandtbrandt Creative Agency Hamburg
Ad Print Thirst in Hawaii, Communication Design brandtbrandt Advertising Agency
Image Advert Thirst Quencher Beverage Peters & Rass, Creative Agency brandtbrandt