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Our Taste our Brand

Getränke Peters & Rass put together a small, exclusive wine selection for the island and we thought up, developed and bagged the matching ad campaign.

The beautiful bottle of wine, which the wine merchant of our confidence has put so close to our hearts, carefully packed in colored matt tissue paper, as a closure a glued seal with branding of the merchant, (and now we come to the end of the sentence) we carry home in our bag. Unpacked at home, it then lies bedded in its crumpled paper wrapping. - Pause -
The brightly colored headlines break up this long celebrated moment and scream (loud not noisy), stop the taste tyranny, drink what you like, but always and without exception drink it in style.

Client Getränke Peters & Rass // Industry Retail Trade // Disciplines Ad Series :: Visual Identity :: Print :: Typography :: Text :: Illustration // Photo Wine Bottles :: Dennis Groß ::

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