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Everything is Design – Design is everything. Everything is Communication – Communication is everything. We show and tell, what accompanies, moves, inspires us inside and outside the agency work.

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Starting a new Challenge

First day of the Creative Future Academy featured by Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg.
How we can work even smarter for our clients in the near future and protect our individual way of working at the same time or much better boost the individuality of our work?
We will see, we will learn to remain the best business partner for our clients.
I enjoyed the first kick-off-workshop and I am looking forward to the next meeting.

Quick Insight

into the work for the redesign of the weitBlick Norderney website – newly-look, more colorful, brighter. There will be a deeper insight into the work later.


installation // name :: unboxing // measure :: ca. 50 x 70 x 4cm // material :: pack silk

Gooone Up

Walk through the harbour area.

Grey goose spotting on my way to the subway station

Two of its buddies prefer to fly away, but this one stays tuned and throws itself in pose for a quick photo shoot.

Christmas is gone already

It's Time to wish you all a happy 2020!

„Analog is the new Organic” says Erik Spiekermann

and it is right in all its complexity. Some say Ai wants to take over our jobs. Others wonder how. Creativity isn't a mixture from past creations shuffled to a supposed new one. Creativity is based on new experiments – analog and digital – with all its failed moments, experience and of course courage. Creativity is a human essence and not a result of analysis. It's the Creativity who led us out of the Neandertal. So let us be again more human and a little bit less ones and zeros. Thank you to Erik Spiekermann for the interesting afternoon in p98a and the inspiring performances we were able to attend the last years.

Saturday afternoon at the Elbe

on our way to Freundeskreis Klassischer Yachten e.V. We had a motivating and inspiring evening with other people who refit and restore their yachts built in 19th and 20th century, as well as we do. Thank you all and especially it was nice to meet you. See you soon.

Inspiring Nature

Take a Look outside and you'll get a Color Flash

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