Folder Deutsche Tibethilfe Detail Typografie, brandtbrandt Werbeagentur Hamburg

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We let it rip for Christmas

LET IT GLOW is the motto for the Christmas season. Make the eyes of your loved ones shine, warm your heart and make the hearts of others glow and give warming joy to those who need it more than you do.

Our Christmas and New Year greetings 2019/2020 run under the headline LET IT GLOW. From the A6 postcard we have unceremoniously made an A2 poster and so that it really glows, worked on neon yellow poster paper.
Key visual is our house medusa. The typography picks up on the text - which makes the wet and cold weather tangible with words - and creates a misty gray rain veil.
As a limited edition, each copy is handwritten with neon red number.

Client brandtbrandt Creative Agency // Industry Marketing & Design // Disciplines Folder :: Poster :: Visual Identity :: Print :: Illustration :: Typography :: Text

Folder Holidaypost with Banderole, Design Agency brandtbrandt
Detail Banderole for Christmas Folder, brandtbrandt Advertising Agency
Folder unfold Christmas and New Years Greetings, brandtbrandt Creative Agency Hamburg
neoncolored Folder with Banderole with Neon Details, brandtbrandt
Folder unfolded for Poster, Christmas Post by brandtbrandt Design Studio
Folder unfolded with Illustration Print, brandtbrandt Creative Agency
Posterfolder with Banderolen in Box, Visual Identity brandtbrandt Design
Folding Posterfolder Typography, Creative Agency brandtbrandt
Plakat limited Edition with handwritten Numbering in Neon, brandtbrandt Hamburg
Holidayposter posted Typo Illustration, brandtbrandt Design Sutdio