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Illustration Fire Monkey Hans Brandt, Illustration, Design brandtbrandt Creative Agency


Fire Monkey – that smells like the big wide world and adventure!

German Aid to Tibetans welcomes the Tibetan New Year with the Losar cards we have designed especially for them. Each year, a different sign of the zodiac in connection with one of the five elements.

For the Tibetan Year of the Fire Monkey, we were looking for a conversion that would transport us to the time of world explorers. So the sketch with the small curious and very self-confident monkey on a burning branch was created in the style of the paintings of scientific world travelers in their small black sketchbooks.
This is exactly how adventurous and exciting the Year of the Fire Monkey should be for all of us!

Client German Aid to Tibetans // Industry Helping Organisation // Disciplines Folder :: Visual Identity :: Print :: Typography :: Illustration :: Text

Losar Card Fire Monkey German Aid to Tibetans, Graphic Design brandtbrandt Design Agency Hamburg
Illustration Fire Monkey by Hans Brandt, Print brandtbrandt Creative Agency
Fire Monkey Illustration Hans Brandt, Design brandtbrandt Advertising Agency Hamburg
German Aid to Tibetans Losar Card Title and inside, Graphic Design brandtbrandt Schleswig-Holstein
Illustration by Hans Brandt Fire Monkey, Design Studio brandtbrandt Hamburg