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Everything is Design – Design is everything. Everything is Communication – Communication is everything. We show and tell, what accompanies, moves, inspires us inside and outside the agency work.

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City Plant

Bicycles grow in Trees


Flensburg Harbour

Lights and Shadows

Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg

100 Years of Design – 100 Years of BDG

Design has grown up but will never be too old to explain us the world. It's time to say thank you design for all the wonderfull layouts of the last hundred years. We will continue to feed you with our brainworks and will do our best for the next years. We're glad to be invited to the „100 Years BDG” celebration in Berlin.

Credit // Douglas Gordon :: In my Shadow :: ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Between the Words

It's a cosy place to think about the seen.

Credit // Your rainbow panorama :: Olafur Eliasson :: 2011 :: ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Clashing Colors

Walk through the rainbow – Visit Aros Museum Aahus.


Aarhus Ø.

From the Bottom up

Aarhus Ø.


Aarhus Ø.

Details that make the difference

Aarhus Ø.

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