What are we actually doing here

Grown up in the hot shop of our parents belongs communication design to our basic skills. Grown up between clients, time pressure, fun at work, a lot of creative minds and always new challenges, which make us develop and never stay standing. we don‘t think about this question.

Outsiders often cannot catch, what we are doing and how we are used to do our job. As communication designers we don‘t even make things more beautiful, we just make them visible. We force the communication between the offer and the user with design, word, image and interaction. We develop creative concepts, which touch emotionally for staying in memory positively. Like the smell from childhood which we carry with us and which takes us away with a warm hug by a little memory of it.
That it is exactly what intelligent communication concepts can achieve. They give brands an unique face and develop their image for decades to an inherant part of the marked.

Owners brandtbrandt Creative Agency Angela Brandt, Carola Brandt, Communication Design Hamburg

Family Business

our tools

What do we need for that // primarily knowledge – of the product, of the production, of the company, of the surroundings, of the target group, of the Zeitgeist, of the society, of politics, economy, environment, demographic etc. – that it is what we collect from joint talks, researches and life experience. We analyse, think, put together in new ways, think again and create new correlations, which seemed not to exist first. With this essence and with different analogue and digital helping tools are we developping a visual and verbal communication concept only for you and unique for your product.
That‘s the way we create advertising with attitude and mind and communication with as well as for people.

our solution path

The premise is to always think, act further than it is state of the art // Main Stream is yesterday and completely aberrant may be tomorrow. We don‘t want to impose abstract advertising concepts on our clients, but the goal is to think beyond the here and now and make it easy to step out of the crowd. Our core competence lies in seeing things differently and creating new connections that were previously unseen. This is how we understand your industry in a new and different way than you might. This doesn‘t mean that we don‘t understand what you do - we simply look at your work from different angles. This is how structures can be broken down and new contexts created.

Our History

Who we are // The creative agency brandtbrandt carries the knowledge of over 50 years of advertising. In 1971, the design studio was founded by our father Hans Brandt in Flensburg. As the catchment area of clients became more extensive, the advertising agency moved to Hamburg. Since 1997 we have been working from Hamburg for clients from various industries and regions.

Communication Designer

Carola Brandt

Career // studies of art history at the CAU Kiel :: apprenticeship in repro preparation at the marko Agency Flensburg :: studies of communication design at the Muthesius School Kiel :: joined the team of the marko Agency Flensburg :: coach for graphic and publishing software in Flensburg, Hamburg, St. Petersburg :: since 2005 co-owner of the marko Agency Hamburg today brandtbrandt

Carola Brandt Owner brandtbrandt Hamburg, Communication Designer

Between the Lines // Analyses without results or colorful pictures without content convey nothing. They rob us of time and are annoying. Behind good design and successful advertising are an analytical mind and a flourishing imagination

Communication Designer

Angela Brandt

Career // apprenticeship in repro preparation to build up basic knowledge at marko Agency Flensburg :: studies of communication design at the Institute of Design Hamburg :: Junior AD at Werbeklinik Hamburg :: AD at KNSK BBDO Hamburg :: joining the team of marko Agency Hamburg :: since 2005 co-owner of marko Agency Hamburg today brandtbrandt

Angela Brandt Owner brandtbrandt, Communication Designer

Between the Lines // Designers often look at things differently. They analyze situations and objects in a multi-layered way. This creates a complete whole and a different understanding. This requires a wide variety of skills and knowledges. This is exactly what makes our profession so exciting and versatile.
We are always allowed to deal with something new.


Our emphasis disciplines // Advertising :: Adverts :: Art Direction :: Branding :: Concept Development :: Consulting :: Content Development :: Copywriting :: Corporate Design :: Corporate Identity :: Design :: Editorial :: Graphic Design :: Illustration :: Logo :: Naming :: Packaging Design :: Print :: Story Telling :: Strategy :: Text :: Trade Show :: Wayfinding System :: Website

BDG Member

With our BDG Membership we show the flag for advertising with sustainability & sense // Design is a supporting pillar of the value chain. Creative industries are a strong part of the economy.
From complex contexts, we communication designers develop visual & verbal concepts for structured, simple information transfer.
Since 1919, the BDG Berufsverband Kommunikationsdesign (Professional Association for Communication Design) has been promoting the interests of graphic designers - and communication design has existed for just as long. For us, the BDG is a strong partner and a strong network with attitude & mind.