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An industry with enormous growth potential.

For many years, pet supplies have been one of the fast-growing sectors of the economy. And Norderney is one of the most beautiful dog islands in the north. The only thing missing was the right dog store.

We have developed the corporate design for the retail Fellmonster&Co. For the logo we had the real Fellmonster Eddie, a Labradoodle, the guardian of the initiators of the dog store Andrea and Björn, as model. Through the authenticity and the corporate design coming to life on site - a real sympathy bearer - a recognition is created that not only remains in memory, but also immediately hits the heart. Thus Eddy takes over the continuation of the storytelling himself and leaves no one in doubt about his standing.
We keep the house colors straight in deepblack, roughgray & lightwhite and thus underline the cool attitude of the brand Fellmonster&Co. In addition, this creates an extensive color range for the external presentation.

Client Fellmonster&Co // Industry Retail // Disciplines Corporate Design :: Logo Development :: Typography :: Illustration // Fotos Feeding Bowl, Feed Bag :: Dennis Groß ::

Logo Development Fellmonster&Co, Creative Agency Hamburg Logo Design Retail Pet Supplies, Advertising Agency Hamburg

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