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Smells & Tastes of a wine are the beginning of a journey to the place of its origin

For the Grauer Burgunder from Baden, we developed storytelling with naming and label design that continues the story of its journey.

We play with the sea and its myths. The Blanke Hans stands for the impetuous, uncontrollable sea. The opposite pole are the calm, night-black depths of the sea, in which the sea creatures seek protection from wind and waves. Here, medusae move like weightless creatures in quiet lanes, while the Blanke Hans is up to mischief on the surface of the water.
With this we describe both its taste variations and the destination of its journey - Norderney. Because the Blanke Hans ney is only available on this small, exclusive North Sea island.

Client Getränke Peters & Rass // Industry Food // Disciplines Packaging Design :: Name Development :: Logo Development :: Visual Identity :: Typography :: Illustration :: Text // Illustration Hans Brandt :: // Photo blanker hans ney bottle (above) :: Dennis Groß ::

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